A beauty parcel that fits: Made to measure

There are a gazillion beauty boxes out there. Why are we different?

Everybody is different. We want to embrace that you are a real person with realistic needs and we are very passionate about picking out items that you like to the best of our ability. Thus every box you order will be tailored to you.

Unlike other beauty boxes, we do not promise a specific number of items.

This is because depending on your profile some items we pick may have a much higher value than others. For example, one month's box could contain 5 items of lower value and another month box could contain 3 items but with higher value or 1 high value limited edition cushion with a sheet mask. Perhaps you are addicted to sheet masks and want your package to consist of a range of new masks to try? Then your package may mainly consist of 10-15 sheet masks etc. You get the gist :) 


How does it work?

We send out boxes ONCE a month.

We DO NOT store inventory and therefore we do not just randomly pick from things that we already have. We handpick all of the contents for you one by one upon receiving your order. The box is composed specially for you and only. We try our best to get it done quickly but usually It takes a considerable amount of time to even just make one box.

We ship each box individually and your box will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to arrive upon payment. (the month following your order).


What is the difference between Trial, Standard, Luxe and Insanity tier boxes? 

The TOTAL VALUE of the total items in the box. That's all. We handpick and make a parcel bespoke just FOR YOU so everything else is up to your profile. See our instagram or Facebook for more info about unboxings and past reviews of orders from all over the world! 


What about the contents?

Perhaps this month you need a new shampoo. Perhaps you have run out of toner or want to try a new one. With the season change perhaps you are looking for a new sunscreen option.

From month to month, based on your personal profile that you can keep updating according to your needs, we try to send you not only things that YOU WANT, but things that YOU NEED and will hopefully use and enjoy. We also like to introduce a variety of brands from popular to indie in your parcel. 

Based on your current needs, stash, skin type and preferences, we will handpick some Korean beauty items and other fun surprises for you. 

To help us do that, we request that you take some time to tell us about yourself in a personal profile link before you purchase here 

But we promise that your box will contain at least one full sized item (unless you tell us otherwise - some of our customers want to try a "buffet" of smaller sizes first! - again, everyone is different) and we try our best to hand-pick for you based on your profile.

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